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Business centers offer video conferencing equipment for cost-efficient remote meetings

Remote meetings are a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative for businesses and individuals who want to save on travel cost and time. Our modern office spaces and meeting rooms in Berlin are the perfect environment for your video conferences – state-of-the-art technology included.

Streamline your processes, minimize travel expenses, and save time – yours and your team's! Our high-quality video conferencing technology lets you communicate even complex issues via screen capture, video, and audio. Use our video conferencing studios for your remote team meetings and presentations and stay in touch with teams and business partners around the world. In real time. And without hassle.

In Berlin-Mitte, on Kurfürstendamm, Zieher’s new business center in Berlin Treptow, and at 11 other BCP locations in Germany, you can book meeting room or office space even very short-term. We will gladly help arrange and setup your video conferences. Enjoy more flexibility at a lower cost.

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